Kuroshitsuji ED2 – “Lacrimosa” by Kalafina

Posted On 2009.08.12

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黒執事 ED2 – 『Lacrimosa』 – 歌: Kalafina
Lacrimosa-bn Kuroshitsuji
BPM: 130.63
Difficulties: 3 / 6 / 8

This was going into OD6, but the Standard chart fell just short of the passing mark and Heavy was mismarked as fail (7.33 and 7.67 respectively, whereas pass is 7.5/10).  Your gain – I touched them up a bit and the whole file is available now, instead of in 2010.

Z-i-V (no video)

Vorbis audio (encoded from PCM)
XviD video (640×480, encoded from textless DVD)
PNG banner and bg
Kuroshitsuji CDTitle

2009.08.12 – Public release.


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