kurenai ED1 – “crossing days” by Ryoko Shintani

Posted On 2009.08.13

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紅 -kurenai- ED1 – 『crossingdays』 – 歌: 新谷良子
crossing days-bn kurenai
BPM: 145.0
Difficulties: 1 / 4 / 6 / 9

This was going into OD6, but it barely missed the 7.5/10 pass average and I can’t be bothered to significantly change the chart (besides stream-ify the chorus since trying to mix vocals and chorus failed).

What I DID change though, is make this file a “proof of concept”. Proving what you ask?
1) How effectively (or not) StepMania caches/loads files called upon by sims.
2) It is feasible to replace ending (and opening) animations with too many stills, with 19 “transition” files and 20 still images.


Z-i-V (no video)

Vorbis audio (cut from single, with ~1.5 measures of DVD audio spliced in)
BG animations (videos and stills, encoded from textless DVD raw)
PNG banner
kurenai CDTitle

2009.08.13 – Public release.


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