neothe0ne’s first simfile was “Magma Dragoon Stage” from Mega Man X4, created in the last days of Bemanistyle 6.0. It was a piece of shit, but it had the correct BPM, which was far better than anything the other Magma Dragoon simfile sitting in the bms6.0 database had. Shortly after, Bemanistyle 7.0 launched and the simfile database was wiped clean. In January 2007, neo went on a Pokemon file-making spree.

neo got more serious about anime in the winter of 07-08, when he went on a Gundam SEED and Hikaru no Go file-making spree, followed by a D.Gray-man and Hayate no Gotoku! spree. In the summer of 2008, he officially joined Otaku’s Dream and submitted 32 mostly-shit files to OD 5th Anime Mix PAD.

Since then, neo has become an expert in quick transcoding of anime to high-quality XviD videos, photoshopped ripoffs of official logos and fanart, and bpm-accurate cuts of high-quality CD audio, but most importantly has improved considerably in the making of pad charts. These impressive milestones reached have culminated in his official knighting on April 24, 2009, as “miothe0ne” by nickder of OD keyboard fame.


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One Response to “About”

  1. extremexunyi

    32 mostly-shit files? Man if thats the case I can’t wait to see a good one.

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