Donations are serious business in the world of fansubbing, and naturally should be serious business for an anime-related function like mine.  Obviously you won’t be donating to pay for server costs here.  If you do donate, I will use those donations to:

a) Support the industry by buying CDs or DVDs relevant to my interests (may be relevant to yours too)
b) Fix RL problems.  Example in point being this.
c) whatever else I can think of.

The purpose of the donation button is not for bribing, so giving a donation in conjunction with a request may not result in any faster results – or any at all, depending on what you’re requesting.  (Though naturally, any donations being used for (a) or (b) would inherently speed up my progress on sims and other things.)  If you still want to donate, please donate more than $1 USD or PayPal will eat up so much of the donation in fees that you’d be better off not wasting both your time and mine.