Here is a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of each StepMania version:

3.9 3.9+ 3.95 4.0
Supports Rolls
Supports Lifts
Has widescreen AR *
Can play SMO **
Runs on Windows
Runs on OS X ***

*3.95 will only scale the theme.  It will stretch background images and videos.
**3.95 can not enter password-protected rooms.
***My experience with 3.9 on OS X 10.3/4 is that there are fatal noteskin errors right out of the box.

So as you can see, StepMania 3.9+ is obviously the preferred application if you are playing offline (it’s also the version I create and test simfiles in).  If you play online, I would recommend StepMania 4.0 SVN/Alpha, but some people still find StepMania 3.95 to be more stable than 4.

Choose your poison:

StepMania 3.9

StepMania 3.9+
-Recommended theme:  CyberiaStyle 5
–Alternate theme: XIV Anarch

StepMania 3.95 CVS

StepMania 4.0 Alpha / SVN snapshot
-Recommended theme: moonlight
-Recommended noteskin: DDR Note


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5 Responses to “StepMania”

  1. wad11656

    Huh? Since when did 3.95 CVS not run on OS X? Ha ha That’s ALL I used back in the day…(when I played [on my Mac])

    • miothe0ne

      Times have obviously changed since this page was written. Back then, there was no easily-accessible Mac build, but apparently that’s changed.

      In any case, sm-ssc is now the way to go.

      • wad11656

        Ah, I see.

        Ha ha Yeah, that’s what I use now. Too bad I’m having some video problems with it, but it might not be the build that’s causing them, who knows–Sorry–didn’t know this blog was so old heh heh

  2. wad11656

    …and never had noteskin problems in 3.9, but whateva

  3. wad11656

    Nice site, by the way

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